What is the SC Wave Waukesha?

SC Wave Soccer Club provides kids of all ages with the chance to play soccer. Recreational soccer starts at the U-4 level, with the SC Wave program emphasizing fun and enjoyment while teaching the foundations of the game. On the soccer field, all players will receive equal playing time in various positions.


Parent Section

Parental Role in SC Wave

At all ages and levels of recreational soccer, parents play a vital role in their child's enjoyment of the game and the program's overall success. The amount of time and effort a parent or guardian devotes to their child's soccer team has a significant influence on how much enjoyment the entire family derives from SC Wave.

The Director of Coaching Development should be contacted by any parent or anybody interested in coaching at the recreational level at SC Wave. Coaches for Junior Club teams are often the players' parents and are not compensated. When asked to volunteer as a coach during the online registration procedure, all interested coaches should do so.



Approach to Recreation

Recreational teams in Waukesha will focus on player development for players of all ages and abilities, with each squad being led by a professional coach. Boys', girls', and coed teams are available for all age levels. Year after year, players can stay on the same team, allowing for team growth and the building of long-term connections.